How to Speak Bride

How to Speak Bride

by Opus Couture in Trends

My goodness, what a shock! They popped the question and its the happiest you have ever been! You've spent years growing your Pinterest board, imaging your hen party and collecting travel brochures for your honeymoon, but now its here, IRL and where do you even begin? Luckily we are here on hand to guide you through what can be a confusing experience when you begin shopping for the one….no we don't mean husband or wife, the other one…your wedding dress!

What Dress Silhouette?

Dropped Waist
Fit and Flare

Your “New Bride” Appointment

Now at Opus Couture we believe in giving our brides the highest level of service and individual time needed to find The One. This is why we work by appointment only. Very occasionally we can offer same “on the” day appointments, but always phone ahead. Our brides come from all over the United Kingdom and we don't want you travelling all that way to be told there is no room! Our appointments are 2 hours long so you can explore every whim and bridal fantasy that you have on your board - take a peek back at our previous blog "Newly Engaged? Everything you need to know about buying a wedding dress" for more info about the appointment!

1st try on

1st try on

Its Here! Your 1st Try of Own Gown Appointment

You can barely contain your excitement! Your dress has arrived in store and you are just going to be the most beautiful bride that anyone has ever seen! Now you come back in to try it all on again, if you haven't already, this is a good time to choose your veil, headpiece and jewellery - you can concentrate more on the overall look now we have settled on the dress. There is no actual fitting happening at this appointment, it’s just a chance to make sure you really love it when its in your own size and colour!



The Fittings

After your First Try On, we will book you in for your Fittings. Now these typically begin 12 weeks before the big day - we know its actually happening! During your first fitting, we will work on the bodice, so for this all brides must have the underwear they will be wearing on their day. Trial it out. For the second fitting, 8 weeks before, we alter the hem so naturally your shoes must be the ones you plan on wearing. The Final Fitting is 3 weeks before, where we make any final tweaks before we close every seam back up and make it into the gown you will walk down the aisle in. This is the appointment where your family and bridesmaids get their training on how to dress you on the day.

The Collection appointment

Usually the day before the Big Day, our bride, her mum, or team of bridesmaids will come back to Opus Couture to collect your dress. It has been steamed, pressed and will be hanging out for you to admire in all its stunning glory before we carefully bag it up in the clean kingsize duvet cover you have brought with you and place in the back of your car. For our brides travelling abroad, lucky things, we will help you pack it into your carry on suitcase, so no need to attempt this solo - even for us its a team effort in order for it not to crease. Then when you arrive at your venue, hang it on the back of a door or wardrobe, fluff your train out and have a good nights sleep as the heat will drop any creasing out your dress. So no need to worry when you arrive at your destination, it’s time to enjoy a glass of prosecco or two before your Big Day begins!

The Afters

The Afters

The Afters

You had the time of your life, it was everything you dreamed of and more! Now as you look back on your dress, slightly less shiny than previously - sign of a great time - you are thinking that cannot possibly hang in amongst my other beautiful clothes smelling of champagne and possibly a bit of the frozen margarita stand that seemed like such a good idea at the time. Don't fear! We also offer a cleaning service from October through to March, where our gowns are worked through our cleaning process by our magic wonder woman Lesley, and brought back to living their best life. We can also box them up to so little hands can't get near them, or just hang it back in the wardrobe to wear again round the house. We don't judge.

Be Beautiful. Be an Opus Bride.

Opus Couture

Opus Couture

Opus Couture is an Award Winning Independent Bridal Retailer in West Kilbride, Ayrshire.

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